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No furniture, furnishings, equipment or decorations are included in the sale of the Units or as part of the Unit Owners’ amenities, except as otherwise described in the Offering Plan for such Unit. The materials and finishes in each Condominium are described in their respective Offering Plans and are subject to modification as provided therein. All photographs and renderings are for artistic representation purposes only. Finishes depicted in artists’ renderings are not necessarily indicative of what is specified in the Offering Plans and not all items depicted in artists’ renderings are necessarily included in a Unit purchase or as part of the Unit Owners’ amenities. In core areas (such as corridors, kitchens, bathrooms) and in limited portions of major areas (such as living rooms and bedrooms) the existence of hung ceilings and soffits will be utilized to accommodate building systems and facilities resulting in reduced ceiling clearances. All renderings of views and exposure to light are for illustrative purposes only. Views shown are approximate and depicted from various elevations. No representations is being made with respect to actual, current or future views from any particular floor or Unit, and/or exposure to light for any particular floor or Unit, or as the same may be affected by any existing or future construction or demolition by any Sponsor or a third party. No representations or warranties are being made except as may be set forth in the applicable Offering Plan for such Unit. The complete offering terms are in the Offering Plan for the respective Unit, available from the applicable Sponsor: RCB1 RESIDENTIAL FOR SALE LLC, RCB3 RESIDENTIAL FOR SALE LLC, RCB4 RESIDENTIAL FOR SALE LLC. Sponsors’ address: 1345 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10105. File Nos. CD16-0170, CD16-0351, and CD16-0352. Equal Housing Opportunity.